Mount Hough Trail Project (2022)

Environmental Compliance (NEPA, CEQA)


Chico Environmental prepared a Decision Memo, Biological Evaluation and Assessment (BE/BA), Management Indicator Species (MIS) Report, Migratory Bird Species (MBTA) Report, and CEQA and NEPA documentation to construct approximately 37 miles of new, motorized, multiple-use trail within the existing Mount Hough trail system. The project will provide additional access to the Mount Hough area that would accommodate a variety of recreational users in a safe and resource sensitive manner. The project will expand the existing Mt. Hough trails system (Phase One), provide connectivity to the existing trails, and expand access to the communities of Quincy and Taylorsville. These new trails will provide additional opportunities for motorized and non-motorized users to explore Plumas County. The purpose of the project is to provide long-term sustainable trails, with minimal maintenance needs, that expand access to multiple user groups.